• reddot

    I’m an awarded UX Designer

    And the winner is . . . For my excellent and particularly innovative design, the concept of “Interactive Learning DVD for the Illiterate” has received the Red Dot:  Best of the Best award. One of the highest distinctions received by a concept in the red dot award–design concept.  The Red Dot:  Best of the Best […]

  • uxconsultant

    I’m a certified Usability Consultant

    Training for Usability Consultant from February 2009 until November 2009. The training is conducted by artop – Institut an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.   The following training units were completed in modules:   The extent of the training contained 223 training units. . Introduction into Usability . With Usability Engineering to User Experience . Factor […]

  • outOfTheBox

    I’m thinking outside of the box

    My Picture Language This is a communication method that utilizes a picture language. I developed and evaluated my concept of a picture language with a simple syntax, based on investigating the mental model of the natural written language. This is one of my very first experiments for an interactive DVD for children. It uses my […]

  • precise

    I’m very precise

    I worked for three German premium auto brands that focused on quality management for design and UX. Mercedes-Benz.de My key points: – Creation of the Mercedes-Benz style guides – Preparation and company of Usability tests for Mercedes-Benz – Interface design for the Mercedes-Benz.de website, Webspecials, newsletter creation   Maybach.com My key point: – Integration of […]

  • quartett2

    UX is my passion

    The subject of usability has always been an integral part of my life. During my part-time training to be a usability consultant, my focus regarding user-centered development was highly sharpened. I love to spread the idea of user-centered design and the creation of enjoyable products.

  • sauerkraut

    Because I’m German

    The following are the findings from a cross-cultural study that has analyzed the characteristics of the Germans by means of international comparison. I’m, too, in many ways a “typical German” Source: Interkulturelle Kompetenz: Einfluss der Kultur auf das internationale Management, Nicole Sabel, 2010





Curriculum Vitae

Jana Hesselbarth, User Experience Designer I’m an User Experience Designer focusing on conceptual development of interactive media. Currently I’m working within the channel marketing team at Intuit. Born in Magdeburg in 1979, I started training as an optician in 1998 and concluded my traineeship in 2001 as best-in-the year and honours. I began studying at […]


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